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chapter 15-17

chernozem black topsoil,one of the worlds most fertile soils.
ural mountains the mountain ranges that seperate the northenrn european and west siberian plains and are used as the dividing line between europe and asia.
euraisa the combined continent of europe and asia.
transcaucaucasia a region that consist of the republics of armeni,azerbaji,and georgia,located between the caucaus mountains and the borders of turkey and iran.
central asia a region that includes the republics of kazakhtan, kyrgyztan,tajikistan,turkmenista, and uzbekistan.
siberia aregion of central and eastern rusisa.
continentallity a egions distance from the moderting inf;uence of the sea.
talga a nearly continous belt of evergreen coniferouse forest across the northern hemisphere.
runoff rainfall not absorbed by soil
trans-siberian railroad a railroad that would eventually link moscow to the port of vladivostok.
baltic republics the countries of lativa,and estonia located on the eatern coast of the baltic sea.
czar the emperor of russia prior to the russianrevolution of 1917
russian revolution the revolt of 1917 in which the russian communist party.
ussr the union of soviet socialist republics or soviet union.
cold war the conflict between the united states and the soviet union after world war 2
command economy a type of economic system in which production of goods and services is demanded.
collective farm an enormouse farm in the soviet union on which large team of laborers were gathered to work together.
red army the name of the soviet unions millitary.
supra georgian term for dinner party.
silk road the 4,000 mile route between china and the medertaraniane sea
great game a struggle between the great britan impire and the russain empire.
nomad a person with no permanent home who moves accordong to the seasons from place to place.
yurt a tent of central asia nomads.
caucasus a region that straddels the caucaus mountains and streches between the black and caspin seas.
chechnya one of the republics that remains a part of russia after the collapse of the soviet union despite independance movment and violent upheaval.
nagorno-karabakh the mountainous area of azerbajian,fought over by armenia and azerbaijian.
privatization the sellin of government owned buisness to private citizens.
distacnce decay a term referring to the concept that increasing distance between places tend to reduce interactions amoung them.
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