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10 codes

in service 10-8
off duty 10-10
patrol check 1085
alarm 10-33
on scene 10-97
task completed 10-98
poor reception 10-1
good reception 10-2
message received 10-4
relay info 10-5
stakeout code 5
no assistance needed code 4
busy 10-6
phone message 10-21
out of service for lunch etc 10-7
repeat 10-9
want/warrant can't transmit due to person's presence 10-12
transport citizen 10-14
subject in custody 10-15
return to office 10-19
location? 10-20
disregard/cancel 10-22
stand by 10-23
DL check 10-27
license plate check 10-28
stolen veh/wanted person check 10-29
officer safety info 10-36i
routine response code 1
emergency response code 3
probation/parole 10-36P
case number 10-50
suspicious subject 10-66
request for pending calls 10-86
dead dog or cat 10-91d or(c)
request driving record 11-27
request reg check 11-28
request wants/warrants 11-29
coroner's case 11-44
accident major injuries 11-80
accident minor injuries 11-81
accident no injuries 11-82
accident no details 11-83
tow truck needed 11-85
traffic stop 11-96a
high risk traffic stop 11-96
meet at 11-98
officer down 11-99
officer needs back up code 4a
sub has misd warrant code 6m
sub has felony warrant code 6f
request meal break code 7
burglar alarm code 8
bomb threat code 10
pick up employee code 30
emergency in progress code 33
stolen veh 10851
resisting arrest 148
violating court order 166
homicide 187
hit and run injury 20001
hit and run no injury 20002
kidnapping 207
robbery 211
reckless driving 23103
dui 23152
battery 242
assault w/ deadly weapon 245
rape 261
unlawful sex 261.5
child molest 288
violation of parole 3056
indecent exposure 314
disturbance/argument 415
brandishing a weapon 417
burglary 459
shoplifting 490.5
possession of stolen property 496
forgery 470
fraudulent document 476
theft with cc 484(g)
grand theft 487
petty theft 488
embezzlement 503
mental health 5150
defrauding 537
vandalism 594
trespassing 602
prostitution 647b
public intoxication 647f
prowling 647h
annoying phone calls 653m
911 hang up 911hu
attempt to contact atc
attempt to locate atl
found property FPROP
shots fired shots
shots hear shotsh
traffic enforcement TE
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