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Part II Vocab

Brian's Song Part II

Respiration the process of breathing
somber serious, sullen or depressing
exasperated fed up with something or someone. out of patience
facade a false front, put up to hide real feelings
eroded worn away
uncomprehendingly done without understanding
pallid looking pale or lacking color
enervated to feel drained of energy. exhausted or weakened
exuberantly done with enthusiasm, or high spirits
stamina endurance, ability to resist fatigue
stifle to hold back, smother or suppress
blindsided hit on one side while looking the other way
cheshirely grinning with a menacing expression. disturbing or unsettling way of smiling
superimpose to overlay one image on top of another so that both can be seen at the same time
composure feeling calm, cool and collected. a sense of calmness and control over oneself
Created by: 21rockwell