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Peds 1

Vaccine and Assessment

Immunity: Term for a foreign body Antigen
Immunity: Body makes this to fight against foreign body Antibody
Immunity: Special cells to destroy or remove antigens Immunoglobulins
What three illnesses have been virtually eliminated (none since 1979) Smallpox, polio, diptheria
Hib causes what? Meningitis
Vaccine made from live organism that have been reduced in virulence to a point where the organism will ensure a good antibody response Attenuated vaccine
These vaccines tend to be strong. Single dose provides good degree of immunity Attenuated vaccine
How do we store and attenuated vaccine? Refrigerate. Heat will destroy.
What percentage of protection does attenuated vaccine offer? 90-95%
Vaccine against bacteria that cause toxins (diptheria) Toxoid
Vaccine produced is an extract of the toxin with reduced virulence Toxoid
The antibodies produced against the toxin-producing bacteria are called what? Antitoxins
A toxoid immunizations provides what percentage of protection? 90-100%
An example of a toxoid immunization is what? DTaP
Vaccine in which serum is obtained from the blood of many people Gamma Globulin
Because it combines the serum of several people, it probably has antibody protection against measles, rubella, poliomyelitis, varicella, hepatitis B Gamma Globulin
An infant born to a mother who is HB-Ag negative needs what vaccines? An infant born to a mother who is HB-Ag positive will needs what vaccine and when? HBV Series; Hep B Immune globulin (HBIG) within 12 hours of birth and HBV series.
A baby has what percentage chance of developing HBV if it doesn't receive HBIG? 70-90%
Ohio schools and daycares requires what 6 vaccines? DTP/DTaP-TDaP, Polio, Hib, MMR, Hep B, Varicella
Ohio law allows exemptions from school entry requirements for what three reasons? Medical, religious, philosophical
Divided doses of a vaccine do not decrease risk of what? Adverse effects
When do you withhold DTaP? If child has a progressive and active CNS problem.
True or False: A child with Cerebral Palsy can receive immunizations True
Severe reactions to DTaP include what two things? Seizures and encephalopathy
Do not vaccinate with a live virus if child's immune system is suppressed or if child has received gamma globulin within the past _____ weeks. 6
Do not vaccinate child with a live virus if the child is allergic to contents of immunization or has been on what therapy? Chemotherapy
Why not give a PPD for TB test and measles vaccine at the same time? Measles vaccine can reduce reactivity of PPD d/t mild suppression of the immune system
What vaccines do we combine? None
What vaccine can cause transient arthritis, arthralgia, and joint pain one month after vaccine? Rubella
Many vaccines contain traces of what? (Thought to be the cause of autism) thimerosal
Any immunization can cause an anaphylactic reaction. Have what available? Epinephrine
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): Who can report? Keep what in mind about documentation? Anyone can report, it is not documentation vaccine caused the reaction
A slight URI is NOT a contraindication for immunization as long as what? There is no fever
What seriously ill children should not receive vaccinations? Immunosuppressed, receiving chemo/radiation therapy, receiving corticosteroids
Live attenuated vaccines must not be given to what girls because vaccines can what? Give examples. Pregnant girls, could cross placenta causing birth defects. MMR, Rubella, IPV
Parent Teaching: May develop what symptoms after immunization? Treat fever >______ with ibuprofen or Tylenol, treat with cool compress for first ____ hours than what? 101, warm compresses
Parent Teaching: Most immunization reaction occur within what time frame? Some may occur within what time frame? few hours or days, 30-60 days later
Created by: mreedy