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Reading Test Study

This is to help you study for the reading test tomorrow

What is a protagonist? The main character or hero
What is the antagonist? The villain or bad guy
What is suspense? A feeling of growing tension and excitement felt by a reader
What is utopia? A perfect community
What is dystopia? A community that seems perfect but isn't or a bad community
What does theme or central idea mean? The moral, lesson, or idea of a story
What is the first person? The main character in the story who is th narrator
What is the third person? An outside character who tells the story but zooms in on thoughts, feelings, and actions of one character
What is figurative language? Using figures of speech ( metaphors, similes, comparisons, etc.) to create images of what something sounds, looks, and feels like
What is one possible central idea for the Giver? (This is my answer yours may be different.) One central idea of the Giver is never give up and good things will come your way. One example of this is when Jonas travels out of the community he never gave up and the community is now a better place to live.
How did Jonas change from the beginning of the novel to the end? (This is my answer yours may be different.) Jonas changed from the beginning to the end because at the beginning he was very clueless and didn't understand what the real world was like but by the end he realizes that that the world isn't a perfect place and he learns many new things.
Describe two challenges that Bud faces growing up in Flint, Michigan in the 1930's. (This is my answer yours may be different.) Two challenges that Bud faces growing up in Flint, Michigan are he doesn't have a mother and has to live in an orphanage and he doesn't get food easily because food is low and expensive and Bud is poorer.
Created by: LaxyLucy7



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