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Cell Processes

Everything you need to know to prepare for the cell processes test!

What are the reactants of photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide, Water, Light Energy
What are the products of photosynthesis? Glucose and Oxygen
What are the reactants of cell respiration? Oxygen and Glucose
What are the products of cell respiration? Water, Carbon Dioxide, ATP Energy
What organelle does photosynthesis occur in? Chloroplast
What organelle does cell respiration occur in? Mitochondria
What most likely came first in the evolution of the Earth, photosynthesis or respiration? Photosynthesis must have been first to make oxygen for organisms that would eventually need it.
Which process, photosynthesis or cell respiration, is something all organisms do? Cell Respiration
What is the main difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration? Aerobic requires oxygen
Which makes more energy, aerobic or anaerobic respiration? Aerobic makes 36 ATP whereas anaerobic only makes 2 ATP
What does photosynthesis make that stores energy? Glucose (sugar)
What does photosynthesis split? Water
Why do cells go through mitosis? To make new somatic or body cells for growth, replacement, cells get too big, asexual reproduction.
What kind of cells does meiosis make? Gametes (sex cells) (sperm or egg)
How many cells are made at the end of mitosis? 2
How many cells are made at the end of meiosis? 4
Cell containing 2 sets of each chromosome Diploid
Cell containing 1 set of each chromosome Haploid
What are the 3 parts of interphase? G1, S, and G2
When are chromosomes/DNA copied? Interphase (specifically S)
What is the order of the phases of Mitosis? Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
What happens in Prophase? 1st see chromosomes/sister chromatids, nuclear envelope goes away
What happens in Metaphase? Sister chromatids line up in the middle of the cell
What happens in Anaphase? Chromosomes are pulled apart toward the sides of the cell by the spindle fibers
What happens in Telophase? Chromosomes are on each side of the cell being surrounded by a new nuclear envelope. Cell starts to split into two.
What happens in Cytokinesis? Cell is actually divided into 2 new cells. Each new cell goes into interphase.
What is different between animal and plant cells going through mitosis? Animal cells have centrioles and asters with a cleavage furrow. Plant cells have a cell plate.
What holds two sister chromatids together? Centromere
What pulls chromosomes apart during mitosis/meiosis? Spindle Fibers
Why can't cells get too big? Cell's volume increases faster than surface area. Large cells are inefficient.
How do photosynthesis and cell respiration relate? The products of one are the reactants of the other. What one makes, the other one needs.
What is uncontrolled mitosis? Cancer/tumor
Created by: Rylands