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Contract 1

Offer & Acceptance

Gibson v Man City Council Suggestion to buy council house was not an offer
Partridge v Crittenden Inv to Treat - advert
Fisher v Bell Inv to treat - goods in shop window
Pharmaceutical Society v Boots Inv to treat - self service store
Harvey v Facey Bumper Hall Pen - request for info
Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking Offer made by machine
Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co Unilateral offer (flu)
Routledge v Grant Offer to sell house could be revoked
Dickinson v Dodds Revocation passed on by 3rd party
Hyde v Wrench Counter-offer revokes original offer
Ramsgate Victoria Hotel v Montefiore Offer lapses after reasonable time
Stevenson v McLean Request for info isn't a counter-offer (not Harvey!)
Felthouse v Bindley Acceptance can't be forced on a party (silence)
Williams v Carwardine Murder reward - Acceptance valid even though the info was given for other reasons
Reveille Independent v Anotech International MasterChef USA case - acceptance through actions
Adams v Lindsell Postal rule
Byrne v Van Tienhoven Postal revocation must arrive!
Entores v Miles Far East Instantaneous comms - acceptance/revocation must be heard/seen
Barry v Heathcote Ball Auction with no reserve - highest bidder has a contract
Thomas v BPE Solicitors Email acceptance is valid when it arrives in inbox during working hours
Created by: Mr Lovell
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