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Lesson 8

auriferous containing or yielding gold
proviso sentence that states a condition or limitation
integument natural outer covering
verisimilitude appearance of truth or fact
reticent reluctant; reserved
sentient aware; finely sensitive in perception or feeling
ineffable incapable of being expressed in words
prescient foreknowledge of events; foresight
contingent likely but not certain to happen; possible
perspicacity of acute mental vision or discernment : keen
perspicuity clear
prospectus prospective
deference respect and esteem due a superior or an elder
multifarious diverse
introspective spy
somniferous causing sleep; dullness
efficacious effective
effigy a crude figure representing a hated person
retrospect the act or process or an instance of surveying the past
dissemble to put on a false appearance : conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense
circumspect careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences
petty having little or no importance or significance
vociferous implies a vehement shouting or calling out
arresting catching the attention
taciturn silent
simulate to give or assume the appearance or effect of often with the intent to deceive; assume
providential lucky; marked by foresight
assimiliate to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend
presage foretell
infatuate to cause to be foolish
differentiate to express the specific distinguishing quality of : discriminate
disparage to lower in rank or reputation : degrade
ascertain discover
deficit disadvantage
immortality unending existence
presentiment a feeling that something will or is about to happen : premonition
mores habits
suffice to meet or satisfy a need : be sufficient
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