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CH 15 Review Questions

The main organs/structures of the urinary system are kidneys ureters urinary bladder urethra
The primary bacterium responsible for most UTIs is Escherichia coli
Diagnosis of a UTI is a two-stage provess that involves: Collecting a urine sample and testing for antibiotic susceptibility of the organism
The group most susceptible to recurring UTIs is women
Which of the following has not been shown to be a preventive against UTIs in women Taking a daily dose of 81mg of aspiring
The urinary tract infection involving infection of the urinary bladder is called Cystitis
An effective method for treating a UTI is Regimen of the antibiotic amoxicillin
The following are typical symptoms of a UTI painful urination, cloudy urine
What anatomical features in women can increase the possibility of a UTI shorter urethra, close proximity of the anus to the urethral opening
The ? are the central organs of the urinary system and are responsible for filtering wastes from the blood Kidneys
? is a UTI that occurs in the urinary bladder Cystitis
The method of collecting urine in which the patient washes the genital area and collects a midstream sample in a sterile container is called the ? ? procedure clean catch
? & ? are genera of organisms that are usually associated with UTIs related to sexual activity Chlamydia & Mycoplasma
Gloerulonephritis is also referred to as ? disease Brights
A urinary tract infection of the kidneys is called Pyelonephritis
The presence of bacteria in the urine is called Bacteriuria
Created by: Slmallory83