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Science Quiz

What is another name for the cardiovascular system? Circulatory System
What 3 parts make up the cardiovascular system? heart, blood vessels, blood
What 3 things are carried throughout the body by the cardiovascular system? needed materials, waste products and disease fighters
Each time the heart beats, what does it do to blood? it pushed blood through the blood vessels of the cardiovascular system
What is the function of the atria? To receive blood that comes into the heart
What is the function of the ventricles? Pumps blood out of the heart.
What is a valve? A flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backward.
What is a pacemaker? Group of cells that adjusts the speed of the heart beat.
What does an artificial pacemaker do? It makes the heart contract at a normal rate.
Name the 3 kinds of blood vessels. arteries, capillaries, veins
What is the largest artery in the body? aorta
What causes the force that pushes blood throughout your body? The contraction of the left ventricle pumps blood throughout the body
Arteries carry blood away from the _____. heart
True or false? The coronary arteries provide the stomach with its blood supply. false
True or false? Arteries control the amount of blood that different organs recieve. true
What important thing happens in the capillaries? In the capillaries, materials are exchanged between the blood an the body's cells.
One process in which materials are exchanged between the blood and body's cell is _________. diffusion
What job do veins carry out? carry blood back to the heart
What can help push blood through veins? Contraction of nearby skeletal muscles
What is blood pressure? the pressure that blood exerts against the walls of blood vessels
Created by: hioi3hw