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Level 2 - Test 2

2 factors that affect health and development Genes (biology) and environment
Each chromosome contains DNA
What is inside a chromosome? Genes
A lot of genes, about 30,000 genes can be found in a ____________. Genome
The structure that holds our DNA is called a ___________. Chromosome
Mom and dads genes are called ____________. Allele. Controlled by hereditary
How many sets of genes does an individual have? 2
How many sets of genes does one person pass down during conception? 1
What does phenotype mean? What the offspring looks like. Interaction of genotype and the environment.
Define genotype. What genes the organisms (baby) have. The total genes transmitted from parent to offspring.
What is a mutated gene? It is an abnormal gene.
Genetic therapy Can correct or replace mutated genes.
Syndrome A group of signs & symptoms of an abnormal condition.
List the chromosome and genes that will determine the characteristics of the newborn. Chromosome, nucleus, cells, gene and DNA. CNCDG
Zygote Fertilized egg.
Ectopic pregnancy Occurs when the zygote latches to the tube rather than the uterus.
What are the Symptoms of a ruptured Fallopian tube? Pain and a lot of bleeding. Very serious.
List 3 recessive disorders. Sickle cell anemia (African), Tay Sachs (Jewish) and hemophilia (lacks clotting).
Screening procedures Amniocentesis, chronic villi sampling and umbilical sampling.
When does fertilization occur? When the sperm penetrates the ovum as it enters the upper Fallopian tube. Very brief.
How many chromosomes does an individual have? 46
How many pairs of chromosomes does an individual have? 22 pairs plus 1 pair of sex chromosome. A total of 23 pairs.
What are sex cells? sperm and ovum.
Mitosis How most cells split.
Sex cells split through ___________. Meiosis
Where should the zygote latch? Upper posterior portion of the uterine wall.
Created by: Alie75