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Forensic Science SG

Forensic Psychology -study criminal behavior -communication skills & emotional stability, detailed -work in: courthouses, jails/juvi, law firms, police stations
Forensic Engineering -determine causes of injury or property damage -analyzing evidence, problem solving, patience -work in: offices, visit crime scene sometimes
Forensic Entymology -application of study of insects and other anthropods in criminal matter; determine age body death -stable minds -work in: crime scenes, and academic institutions more than law enforcement
Forensic Anthropology -study human remains (bones etc.) -communication skills, analyzing -work in: offices, labs, crime scenes, many travel and have an irregular schedule
Forensic Artistry -interview witness and return a sketch of criminal suspect, diagram crime scenes, postmortem drawings -art skills, speaking, listening -work in: agencies, police stations
Forensic Detective -analyze evidence and testify in court of law about their findings' find time of death and clues -mentally strong, communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving -work in: crime scenes
Forensic Odontology -dentists who specialize in identifying human remains through various techniques -mentally strong -work in: disaster scenes, and work with sophisticated technology
Created by: daisy98