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animal farm vocab

Ensconced settled comfortably, snigly, or securely
benvolent doing or in clined to do good, kindly
cynical beliving that people are motivated only by selfishness
laborious requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance
tyranny a vehicles's transmission
dissentients dissenting, espcially from the opinion of majority
preeminent superior to others. especially in a particular quality
viacious lively
gamolled jumped and skipped about in play; frulicked
obstinate stubborny refusing to change one's oppinion
cryptic having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure
indefatigable that which cannot be tired out
maxim concisely expressed priniple or rule of conduct; a stament of general truth
propulsion a pushing, driving, or impelling onward or forward; a driving force
tractable easily managed or controlled
irrepressible that which cannot be controlled or restorired
ignominious shamful; dishonorable; disgraceful
posthumously occuring or conting after one's death
pretext face reason or motive put forth to hide the real one, excuse
cavassing soliciting or requesting
sordid not noble in character or quelity; base
arable sutable for plowing, hence for producing crops
intermediary one who acts as a go between
perpendicularity uprightness; the state of being stranging up and down
mailgnity persistent intense will or desire to harm others
capitulated gave up; surrendered; stoped resisting
categorically without qualifications or conditions; absolutley positvely
rertribution punishment for wrong doing
impending about to happen
machinations artful or secret plots or schemes, especially those by one with evil intent
censured condemmed as wrong, strongly dissapproved, officially disapprove
conciliatory tending to sactne anger or make friendly
supperannuated of a position or employee belonging to an supernnnuation plan
incumbent necessary for someone as a duty or responsility
licence formal permission, permission from goverment
bon mot a witty remark
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