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Respiratory System

What are two functions of the respiratory system? it moves oxygen from the outside environment into the body and removes carbon dioxide and water from the body.
The chemical reactions to release energy that take place inside your cells must have ______. oxygen
What is respiration? the process which oxygen and glucose undergo a complex series of chemical reactions to release energy.
List three products of respiration energy, carbon dioxide, and water
True or false? To a scientist, breathing and respiration mean the same thing false
What organ systems does the respiratory system depend on? circulatory system and digestive system
True or false? When you breathe in air, you breathe in dust, pollen, and microorganisms. true
Air enters the body through two ________ or openings, in the nose nostrils
Air moves through the _______, which is also part of the digestive system. pharnyx
Air moves into the _______, or windpipe. trachea
Air moves through the _______, passages that direct air into the lungs. bronchi
What does a sneeze do? shoots particles and bacteria out of your nose into the air
Another name for the pharynx is the ______. throat
What is the nostrils function? Openings in the nose through which air enters.
What is the function of nasal cavities? Contain blood vessels that heat the air you breathe in.
What is the function of mucus? Moistens the air and traps particles in the air.
What is the function of cilia? Tiny hairlike extensions that sweep mucus into the throat.
What body parts are connected to the pharynx? Nose and mouth
The walls of the trachea are made up of rings of _____ that strengthen the trachea and keep it open, cartilage
True or false? Inside the lungs, each bronchus divides into smaller and smaller tubes. TRUE
What happens in the alveoli? The blood picks up oxygen from the air inside the alveoli.
What occurs during the process of gas exchange? Oxygen passes through the wall of the alveolus and through the capillary wall into the blood. Carbon dioxide and water pass from the blood into the alveoli.
Why can the lungs absorb a large amount of oxygen? The alveoli provides a large surface area in a relatively small space.
True or false? The more oxygen you need, the more slowly you breathe, FALSE
What is the diaphragm? A large dome-shaped muscle that plays an important role in breathing.
Another name for the voice box is the____. LARYNX
What are vocal cords? Folds of connective tissue, that produces your voice, stretching across the opening of the larynx.
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