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Laws made by the privy council Orders in Council
The Royal Family, senior politicians and previous MP's are members of what? The privy council
Deals with foreign affairs Orders in Council
Example of foreign order made by OiC Afghanistan (UNS) Order 2001
Used in times of national emergency when Parliament's not sitting Orders in Council
Example of emergency order made by OiC The Terrorism (UNM) Order 2001
Brings an Act of Parliament into force Orders in Council
Laws made by government ministers Statutory instruments
Often used to update laws Statutory instruments
Example of an updated law by Si National Minimum Wage Act 1998
What form does a Statutory instrument often come in? Commencement order
An example of a commencement order Railways Act 2005
What act brought 75 commencement orders into force? Town and County Planning Act 1971
What Si never came into effect that would have fixed the date of something? Easter Act 1928
Approx. 3000 are made each year Statutory instruments
Some apply to the whole of the UK whilst others apply to certain countries within Statutory instruments
Made by local authorities + public companies By-laws
Who must approve By-laws? A relevant government minister
Local authorities can make laws within... Their own geographical area
Deals with issues such as drinking alcohol in public places By-laws
Example of a By-law Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005
Each DL is given its authority by what? Parent (enabling) Act
Created by: PaddyHoskin97