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How Animals Stay Ali

Filter Feeding A way of getting food by straining it out of the water
Name three ways animals get food Filter feeding, Feeding on fluids, consuming large pieces of food
herbivore An animal that eats plants
Carnivore An animal that eats other animals
Enzymes A substance that speeds up chemical changes
gastrovascular cavity A digestive space with a single opening
Why must animals digest their food Animals need to digest their food so that their cells can use the food for energy.
What function does the digestive tract perform Storing food, digesting food and absorbing nutrients
What is the difference between a closed and an open circulatory system In an open circulatory system blood leaves the vessels and makes direct contact with cells. In a closed circulatory system blood remains in the vessels.
Kidneys The main organ responsible for keeping water balance in mammals and birds
What are the main parts of the vertebrate central nervous system The brain and the spinal cord
Blood stays inside vessels at all times in a Closed circulatory system
A chamber that pumps blood out of a vertebrate heart is called a Ventricle
Atrium A heart chamber that receives blood returning to the heart
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