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Gen Toxic Agents

ENV 201 - Practical and exam information on toxic agents

Chemicals that cause harm for the unborn teratogens
Widely used in the past to protect against malaria, typhus, and other insect-spread disease; continues to be applied in several countries to control malaria... DDT
Used in industry as heat-exchange fluid, electrical transporters, capacitors && additives in paint, carbonless copy paper, sealants, and plastics PCB
Produced by incomplete combustion and in chemical manufacturing released in some kinds of metal recycling, pulp and paper bleaching, automobile exhaust, tobacco smoke, and wood and coal smoke. Dioxin
Kills insects on cotton and grains; also used against rodents Endrin
Result from the same processes that release dioxins; also are found in commercial mixtures of PCBs Furans
Created by: VsevolodFreedom