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TCOLE Prof & Ethics

TCLEOSE Professionalism and Ethics

What is the definition of profession? The occupation which one professes to be skilled in and to follow.
What is the definition of profession? A vocation in which professed knowledge of some branch of learning is used in its application to the affairs of others, or in the practice of an art based upon it. Applied specifically to the 3 learned professions.
What are the 3 learned professions? Divinity, law, and medicine
What are the characteristics of Professionalism? Service to others, Assessment of client needs, Theoretical body of knowledge obtained through extended pre-service education, Standards for entry, practice, and ethical conduct, Continuing education and life long learning
Explain the misuse of the term Professionalism Many confuse professionalism with an image of the officer who is cool and aloof showing no feeling, with a crisp uniform, shined shoes, reflective sunglasses, using high technology as an expert at fighting criminals.
What are the advantages of the professional model of law enforcement? Public or client is better served, quality of peace officers is improved, ethical conduct, more effective problem solving, stronger community support and respect, stronger role in the criminal justice system, more effective innovations, financial rewards
What are the disadvantages of the professional model of law enforcement? Cost of training and development, higher salaries or remuneration for job occupant, limited entry into the work force from poor because of limited opportunity for educational attainment
What is the definition of Ethics? A code of values which guides our choices and actions and determines the purpose and course of our lives.
What is a norm? A rule, standard, or measure against which to gauge the goodness or badness of an act
What are ethics? The science of morality governing an individual or a group.
What is one of the elements of the ethical role as it pertains to law enforcement? To conduct daily activities in an objective manner striving to be uninfluenced by emotion, personal prejudice, or insufficient evidence.
What does ethics involve? The definition and achievement of what is good or bad, right or wrong, in relation to moral duty and obligation. It is doing what is right rather than what may be more rewarding financially or simply more expedient.
What is true about objectivity in Personal Behavior? If biases, animosities, and friendships are allowed to influence decisions in your personal life, it is likely that they will influence your professional life as well.
What is the definition of Courage? The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery; valor.
What is an example of physical courage? Facing a barricaded, armed suspect
What are some examples of Moral Courage? Refusing gratuities, refusing to participate in a cover-up, refusing to participate in ethnic or gender based humor or practical joking.
What is the title of Chapter 36 of the Texas Penal Code? Bribery and Corrupt Influence
What is the title of Chapter 37 of the Texas Penal Code? Perjury and Other Falsification
What is the title of Chapter 39 of the Texas Penal Code? Abuse of Office
What is the title of United States Code 241? Conspiracy Against Rights
What is the title of United States Code 242? Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
Created by: joshwrightcjm
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