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Science Quiz

Sentence Fill in the Blank
Your heart is as big as your ____ fist
How many drums of blood does a heart pump each day? 30 oil drums
Why does your foot fall asleep when it's in a weird position for a long time? because your blood nerves and vessels squeeze
What are two kinds of blood cells in your body? Red and White blood cells
What is the function of white blood cells? to fight off infection
Your body makes ___ _______ blood cells every day 200 bilion
White blood cells live for _ _____ 2 weeks
Red blood cells live for_ ______ 4 months
Capillaries are so small, they have a unique way of traveling. They are ________ __ _ ______ ____ ____. traveled in a single file line
How long does it take blood to make a complete trip around your body when you're watching TV and exercising? 35-40 seconds, 10 seconds
Where do arteries take your blood? away from the heart
Where do veins take your blood? to the heart
What does blood do for your muscles? brings oxygen
How does a flight suit keep your blood circulating? keeps blood still
Blood cells are made in ____ _____. During your lifetime your heart will beat _ _______ times. your bones and 2 billion
Your blood stream runs through your _____ veins
Created by: hioi3hw