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Oil Production Histo

ENV HIST 301 Environmental Studies - Oil Production and Its Impact from Wars

What was the strategic position of Iran in the end of 19th century? Czarist from the north and British from the east, in the Indian subcontinent - were keen to influence Iran through diplomacy and other means; rulers tried to exploit the situation to their material advantage.
In 1905 Henry Ford introduced model A automobile: It was one of the factors which allowed Royal Navy to acquire an abundant supplies of petroleum from a source virtually under British Control.
Knowing that Churchill ordered construction of oil fueled warships in April 1912 how did influence British presence in Iran and Persian Gulf? Anglo Persian oil company was formed and Britain enhanced its military presence in Iran and Persian Gulf
Turkish Petroleum Company `1920th Largely owned by Anglo Persian Oil Company after WW1
1979-1981 Known as the Second Oil Shock
September 1980 Marked the beginning of Iran-Iraq war
1973-1974 Arab Oil Embargo takes effect
CAFE Established as Corporate Average Fuel Economy in 1975
During 1976 the grip of power in Iraq was consolidated by Arab Baath Party which immediately established a five year plan
The company responsible for introduced features in crude oil in 1973 Nymex
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