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A&P 1 Terminology Pr

a-, ab- Away from
abdomin- Of or relating to the abdomen
acous- Of or relating to hearing
a-, an- Without, not
ad- To, toward
aden- Gland
adip- Fat or fatty tissue
aesthesio- Sensation
ambi- Positioned on both sides
angio- Blood vessel
ano- Anus
ante- Before
anti- Against
arthr- Joint
aur- Pertaining to the ear
auto- Self
axill- Pertaining to the armpit
bi- Two
bili- Bile
bio- Life
blast-, -blast Germ or bud
brachi- Arm
brady- Slow
bucc- Pertaining to the cheek
burs- Bursa
cardi- Heart
carp(o)- Wrist
cephal- Head
cerebr- Brain
chole- Gall bladder, bile
chondr- Cartilage
chrom- Color
cili- Pertaining to cilia, the eyelashes; eyelids
circum- Around
clast- Break
col-, colo-,colono- Pertaining to the colon
contra- Against
corp- Body
cost- Rib
cox- Pertaining to the hip
crani(o)- Pertaining to the cranium
cyst- Pertaining to the bladder
cyt- Cell
de- Remove, decrease
dent- Teeth
derm- Skin
di- Two
dia- Through
dis- Seperation, taking apart
dors(o)-, dors(i)- Pertaining to the back
dys- Bad, difficult
ect- Outside, away from
encephal(o)- Pertaining to the brain
end- In, within
enter- Intestine
ep-, epi- Upon, above
episi- Pertaining to the pubic region
erythr- Red
eu- Good, normal
ex- Out, away from
extra- Outside
fili-, filli- Fine, hair like
Galact- Milk
gastr- Stomach
gloss- Tongue
gluc-, glyc- Sweet, glucose
gybec- Woman
hema- Blood
hemi- Half
hepat- liver
hetero- Varied, mixed
hist- Tissue
homeo- Similar, like
hydr- Water, hydrogen
hyper- Above, more than
hypo- Below, less than
hyster- Uterus
in- Into, not
infra- Below, underlying
inter- Between
intra- Within
ipse- Same
iso- equal
juxta- Next to
labi(o)- Lip
lacrim(o)- Tear
lact(i)-, lact(o)- Milk
lapar(o)- Pertaining to the abdomen-wall or flank
laryng(o)- Pertaining to the larynx (voice box)
later(o)- Lateral
leuk- White
lip(o)- Fat
macro- Large
mal- Bad
mega- Large, giant
melan(o)- Black color
mening(o)- Membrane
mero- Part
meso- Middle
micro- Small, tiny
mono- One
morph Shape, form
muscul(o)- Muscle
myel- Muscle
myo- Muscle
necr- Dead
neo- New
nephr- Kidney
neur- Nerve
normo- Normal
ocul(o)- Pertaining to the eye
odont(o)- Pertaining to teeth
onych(o)- Pertaining to the nail of a finger or correct
oophor(o)- Woman's ovary
opthalm- Eye
or(o)- Mouth
orth(o)- Denoting something as straight or correct
osseo- Bony
ossi- Bone
ost- Bone
ot- Ear
ov- Egg
para- Beside
path- Disease
ped-, -ped-, -pes Foot
peri- Around
phag- Eat
pharyng(o)- Pharynx
phleb- Vein
phren(i)-, phren- Diaphragm
pleur(o)-, pleure(a)- Pertaining to the ribs
pneumo- Air
polio- Gray
poly- Many
post- Behind, after
pre- Before, in front of
presby(o)- Old age
pro- Early, before, giving rise to
psych- Mind
pulm- Lung
pyo- Pus
pyro- Fever
ren- Kidney
retro- Behind
rhin(o)- Pertaining to the nose
salping(o)- Pertaining to the fallopian tubes
sarc- Fresh, muscle
schiz(o)- Denoting something "split" or "double-sided"
scler- Tough, hard
semi- Partial, half
sinistr(o)- Left, left side
somat(o)-, somatico- Body, bodily
sperma-, spermo-, spermato- Semen, spermatozoa
spleen(o)- Spleen
stom(a)- Mouth
sub- Beneath, below
super-, supra- Above, greater
syn-, sym- Connecting, with
tachy- Rapid, accelerated
thromb- clot
tono- Tone, pressure
tox(i)-, tox(o)-, taxico Toxin, poison
trache(o)- Trachea
trans- Across
tympan(o)- Eardrum
ultra- Greater, beyond
uni- One
ur- Urine
vagin- Pertaining to the vagina
vas- Tubule, vessel
ventr(o)- Pertaining to the belly, stomach
viscer(o)- Pertaining to the internal organs, the viscera
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