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Latin V-VIII


tacit saying nothing; still
torpid having lost temporarily all or part of the power of sensation or motion, as a hibernating animal; dormant
animosity feeling of strong dislike or hatred; ill will; hostility
contingent happening by chance; accidental; fortuitous
suffice to be enough; be sufficient or adequate
deferential showing deference; very respectful
sagacious having or showing keen perception or discernment and sound judgment, foresight, etc.
vociferous loud, noisy, or vehement in making one's feelings known; clamorous
simulated to give a false indication or appearance of; pretend; feign
prescient apparent knowledge of things before they happen or come into being; foreknowledge
disparate unequal
assimilate to change (food) into a form that can be taken up by, and made part of, the body tissues; absorb into the body
infatuate to make foolish; cause to lose sound judgment
presage a sign or warning of a future event; omen; portent; augury
dissemble to conceal under a false appearance
disparage to lower in esteem; discredit
indiscriminate not based on careful selection or a discerning taste; confused, random, or promiscuous
mores olkways that are considered conducive to the welfare of society and so, through general observance, develop the force of law, often becoming part of the formal legal code
sensuous of, derived from, based on, affecting, appealing to, or perceived by the senses
proviso a clause, as in a document or statute, making some condition or stipulation
invidious such as to excite ill will, odium, or envy; giving offense
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