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Musical Terms

Largo Very Slow
Grave Very Slow and Solemn
Lento Slowly
Adagio Slowly with Expression
Andante Moderately Slow
Andanatino A Little Faster than Andante
Moderato A Moderate Tempo
Allegretto A Little Slower Than Allegro
Vivace Vivacious, fast
Presto Very Fast
Accelreando (Accel.) Gradually Faster
Stringendo (String.) Gradually Faster (usually crescendo)
Piu Mosso More Motion, Faster
Con Motto With Motion
Rallentando (rall) Gradually slower
Ritardando (ritt) Gradually Slower
Rittenuto Immediate Reduction In speed
Allargando (Allarg) Gradually slower and broader
Morendo Gradually Slower, Softer, Dying away
Calando Gradually Slower and Softer
Meno Mosso Less Motion, A little softer
Sforzando (sfz/sf) A sudden Strong Accent
Medieval time period 800 - 1450
Renaissance time period 1450 - 1600
Baroque time period 1600 - 1750
Romantic time period 1825 - 1900
Contemporary time period 1900 - now
Animato Animated, Lively
Agitato Agitated
Cantible In a Signing Style
Docle Sweetly
Expressivo Expressively
Giocoso Joyfully, Playfully
Grandioso In a Grand or Noble Style
Grazioso Gracefully
Leggiero Lightly
Maestoso Majestically
Marciale In a Martial Style
Pesante Ina Heavy, Coarse Style
Schezando Ina Light, Playful Style
Sostenuto Substained
Alla Alla Marcia In the Style of a March
Con With
Divisi Divide The Part
Fine End
Glissando Sliding Between Two or More Tones
Meno Less
Molto Much
Ossia Either
Piu More
Poco a poco little by little
Quasi Seemingly
Sempre Always
Senza Without
Simile Continue Playing in the same Manner
Sordino Mute
Tacet Silence, Don't pay
Troppo Too much
Tutti Everyone play
Timbre Quality of sounf
Created by: campbell36