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Latin Roots Vocab

Luc/Lum Light
Laps Slip
Ambi Both
Nun/Noun Declare
Alter Other
Flect Bend
Agri Field
Cap Head
Liber Free
Imag Likeness
Art Skill
Anim Life/Spirit
Integ Whole
Domin Rule
Lumens Measure of light's brightness
Translucent Partially seen through; blurry view
Relapse Stop doing something and then restarting
Elapse Time has slipped by
Collapse When a structure falls in on itself
Ambidextrous When you can use both hands equally
Ambivalent When you see both sides of an argument
Announce Something important you tell people
Enunciate To speak loudly and clearly; no mumbling
Alter (word) To change something
Alter ego Having another identity
Alternative The next thing you want to do; second option/plan/choice
Reflect To bend again; bounce light
Deflect To make something bounce away
Agrarian In a field; related to a field
Agriculture Farming in a field
Captain Head in charge
Decapitate To have your head removed
Liberate To set free
Liberty To be free
Liberation Process of being liberated
Imagination Creating a likeness in your mind
Imaginary Describing the image in your head as fake
Image Representation of the external form of person or thing in art; synonym: likeness
Artist Someone who's skill is making art
Artisan Skilled with your hands
Articulate Skilled at speaking
Animate To give something life
Animator Someone who animates
Animals Something that has life/spirit
Integer A whole number
Integrate To make something whole
Dominion A place where someone rules
Dominate To rule
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