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Skeleton/Muscles 2

Learn about the vocab for Musculoskeletal

bone marrow a jelly-like substance inside some bones that produces blood cells
ligaments bands of non-stretchy connective tissue that connect bone to bone
cartilage soft substance that acts as cushion between some bones. your nose and ears are also made of this
tendons connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones
voluntary to do something by choice
involuntary something you cannot control (happens automatically)
hinge joint allows movement in one direction, like knees and elbows
ball-and-socket joint joint that allows the most freedom of movement, like in hips and shoulders
pivot joint allow a rotating or twisting motion, like in the neck
gliding joint allow a sliding (back and forth) motion, like in wrists and ankles
periosteum the tough, tight-fitting outer membrane that covers bone
compact bone the layer of bone that is strong, dense and tough
spongy bone the inner layer of bone, which is lighter and softer
movable a type of joint where there can be motion in various directions, such as an elbow or shoulder or wrist
immovable a spot where 2 bones meet but no motion is allowed, such as in the skull
clavicle also known as the collarbone
humerus also known as the upper arm bone
vertebra also known as the spine
femur also known as the thigh bone or upper leg bone
patella also known as the kneecap
tibia also known as the shin bone
craniuml also known as the skul
scapula also known as the shoulder blade
flex to bend
extend to lengthen
Created by: OMSscience8