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midterm science

genetics test (edited to become midterm)

genetics the scientific study of heredity
dominant gene the strong gene, if it is present whatever it is representing will show
hybrid two different genes for a given trait
genotype gene combination for a given trait
phenotype outward appearance of the genotype
girls can only hold... x chromosomes
boys can hold both... y and x chromosomes
sex linked trait traits that are carried on the x chromosomes of the 23 par of the double helix
sex linked traits cannot be on the... y chromosome
incomplete dominance AKA co dominance; the situation where more than one gene is dominant for a given trait
in incomplete dominance... one gene cannot over power the other
traits are passed from... parent to offspring
gene traits determine... traits
genes will always be inherited... in pairs
genes are either... dominant or ressessive
meiosis cell division of gametes resulting in half the # of chromosomes
DNA deroxyribo nucleic acid
double helix the twisted ladder structure that human DNA takes
a only pairs with... t
c only pairs with g
mutation mistake in DNA
mutigan anything that causes a mutation
internal mutation caused when the pairs are replicated wrong
inherited disease passed to the offspring genetically ex. hemophilia
selective breeding pick the traits that you like from the parent generation and breed
gene transfer moving a single gene from one organism to another
why gene transfer bacteria? reproduce quickly, easy to work with, inexpensive
splice using enzymes to remove a gene from a chromosome
recombinant DNA mixing DNA from different sources to create an entirely new organism
cloning the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of an other
SCNT somatic cell nuclear transfer
somatic cell nuclear transfer in SCNT there is no mixing in DNA
mRNA messenger RNA; carries message as to what protein is needed
tRNA transfer RNA; arranges the protein chain to create what was ordered by mRNA
karyotype gene map done by a genetisist that can tell if there disorder or gender
cell the basic unit of life
cell --> tissue --> organs --> ___ --> ___ systems --> organism
Robert Hooke coined the word "cell". Also the first person to view cells under a microscope
vonLeewonhock first to view animal cells under a microscope
spontaneous generation mistaken belief that life can arise from a nonliving source
Louis Pastur demonstrated that new bacteria grew only with existing bacteria
cell theory1 all living things have cells
cell theory2 cells are the basic unit of function and structure in a living thing
cell theory3 cells can only come from other living cells
Created by: reesescups