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Kana Chapter 8

Japanese for Busy People I - Kana Version - Chapter 8 - Vocabulary

かぞく kazoku family
にっこう Nikkou Nikko (scenic area north of Tokyo)
なに nani what
あります arimasu be, exist (non-animate things)
おてら otera Buddhist temple
や ya and, and so on (particle)
じんじゃ jinja Shinto shrine
おんせん onsen hot spring (resort)
~って なん です か ~tte nan desu ka what is a/an ...?
スパ supa spa
よ yo eh (particle)
いい です ね ii desu ne that's nice
いっかい ikkai 1st floor
にかい nikai 2nd floor
さんがい sangai 3rd floor
よんかい yonkai 4th floor
ごかい gokai 5th floor
ろっかい rokkai 6th floor
ちか いっかい chika ikkai 1st basement floor (of many)
ちか chika basement
うけつけ uketsuke reception desk
おてあらい otearai restroom
ちゅうしゃじょう chuushajou parking lot
れいぞうこ reizouko refrigerator
ベッド beddo bed
ソファー sofaa sofa
テーブル teeburu table
いす isu chair
はな hana flower
かばん kaban briefcase, tote bag
うえ ue top, above
した shita bottom, below, under
まえ mae front, before
うしろ ushiro back, behind
なか naka inside, middle
となり tonari next to
ちかく chikaku vicinity, nearby
います imasu be, exist (only of animate objects)
と to and (particle)
なに も... ~ません nani mo ... ~masen nothing (with arimasu)
だれ も... ~ません dare mo ... ~masen no one (with imasu)
みずうみ mizuumi lake
おとこ の ひと otoko no hito man
おとこ otoko male, man
さいふ saifu wallet
ペン pen pen
にほんご Nihongo Japanese (language)
セーター seetaa sweater
みず mizu water
ひきだし hikidashi drawer
ポケット poketto pocket
はこね Hakone Hakone (national park southwest of Tokyo)
かまくら Kamakura Kamakura (historic town southwest of Tokyo)
おだいば Odaiba Odaiba (new town with shopping center built on reclaimed island in Tokyo Bay)
りょかん ryokan traditional Japanese inn
たき taki waterfall
そば や soba-ya buckwheat noodle shop
~や shop (suffix)
Created by: Nolin