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Kana Chapter 7

Japanese for Busy People I - Kana Version - Chapter 7 - Vocabulary

おはいり ください ohairi kudasai please come in
どうぞ こちら へ douzo kochira e come right this way
で de by means of (particle indicating means)
ちかてつ chikatetsu subway
きんょうび kinyoubi Friday
に ni at, on, in (particle indicating time)
ねん -nen year (counter)
ようび -youbi day (of the week)
がつ -gatsu month
にち -nichi day (of the month, counter)
でんしゃ densha train
ちかてつ chikatetsu subway
くるま kuruma car
タクシー takushii taxi
しんかんせん shinkansen the Shinkansen (Japan's bullet train)
ひこうき hikouki airplane
から kara from (particle indicating origin or point of departure)
ジョンソン Jonson Johnson (surname)
お-まつり o-matsuri festival
お- o (polite prefix)
なん がつ nan gatsu what month
なん にち nan nichi what day (of the month)
なん ようび nan youbi what day (of the week)
たんじょうび tanjoubi birthday
なつ やすみ natsu yasumi summer vacation
なつ natsu summer
りょこう ryokou trip, travel
あるいて aruite by foot, by walking
なん で nan de by what means
とうきょう ホテル Toukyou Hoteru Tokyo Hotel
ホテル hoteru hotel
おきなわ Okinawa Okinawa (islands on the southwestern tip of Japan)
Created by: Nolin