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Section 1 Latin

Word Roots

morph form or shape
posie making
stasis stand still or control
tom cut
a without
an without
ana apart
auto self
chron time
cortic bark
dors back
dys abnormal, difficult, painful
ecto outside
ectomy surgical removal
endo inside
epi upon
gen produce
home equal
idio peculiar
macro large
micro small
nym name
pariet wall
path disease
peri around
soma body
stomy hole
sym together
syn together
tomy cutting
trans across or through
ventr belly
ism action
iso equal
lip fat
lys breakup
oid resembling
osis condition
anabol build up
di two
glycer sweet
hydro water
mono one
nucle nut kernel
octet eight
phospho phosphorus
pro before
sacchar sugar
synthes put together
tri three
Created by: twetherholt