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Section 1 Table 1-4

Terms for Body Regions

Responsiveness Ability of organism to sense, monitor and respond to changes in both its external and internal environments
Conductivity Capacity of living cells to transmit a wave of electrical disturbance from one point to another within the body
Growth Organized increase in the size and number of cells and therefore and increase in size of the individual or a particular organ or part
Respiration Exchange of respiratory gases (O2 & CO2)
Digestion Process by which complex food products are broken down into simpler substances that can be absorbed and used by individual cells
Absorption Movement of molecules such as respiratory gases or digested nutrients through a membrane and into the body fluids for transport to cell for use
Secretion Production and release of important substances such as digestive juices and hormones for diverse body functions
Excretion Removal of body waste
Circulation Movement of body fluids containing many substances from one body area to another in a continuous circular route through hollow vessels
Reproduction Formation of new individual offspring
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