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Latin Medical Terms

A or an without/ has not
angio vessel
anti against
auto self
bi two
bio(s) life
brady slow
card(ia) heart
chezia defecation
cide/cidal to kill
co together
cyto/cyte cell
derm skin
di two
diliation widening/ stretching
ectomy removal/ excision
edema swelling
emesis vomit
emia/emic blood condition
endo inside
erythro red
esis condition / or state of
eu true
exo outside
gastro stomach
gen(ic) substance that produces
graph description/ instrument
hemo/ hemato blood
hepato liver
hetero different
homo same or human
hydro/hydrate water
hyper above
hypo beneath
in not
inter beneath
inter between
itis inflammation
lymph clear water, referring to lymph system
lysis cutting/ breaking down
macro large
micro small
milli thousand
mono one
multi many
necr dead
neo new
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
non not
ology study of
oma tumor / mass of
onc(o) tumor / cancer
ose sugar / full of / pertaining to
osis state / condition, usually abnormal
oste/ osteo bone
peri around / surrounding
phagos/ phage to eat
phobi(a/c) fears/ dislikes/ hates
photo/ phos light
physic(o) function/ nature
plasm formation / structure
plasty surgical repair
pnea breathing / resperation
pneu (mo) air / lung
poly many
post after
pre before
pro before or front of
psycho mind
pulmon(o) lung
radi(o) x- rays/ radioactivity
re back, again/ backward
ren(o) kidney
retro behind/ backward
rrhage bursting/ forth
rrhea flow / discharge
scelerosis hardnening
scopy visual examination
sect cut
semi half/ partial
sepsis rot/ poisoning from bacterial action
som(a/e) body
sperm seed
stasis standing
stenosis tightening / constriction
sub below
sy(m/n/s) together/ with
synthesis put together/ make
tachy fast / swift
tele/telo far / end
therapy treatment
therm heat
tomy the process of cutting
toxic(o) poison
trans across
tri three
type classification / picture
un not
un(i) one
uria urine
visc(ero) internal organs
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