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U.s Gov

2nd semester finals

What is a lobbyist and what is the purpose of a lobbyist? To influence decisions made by the government.
Oliver said that the constitution does not allow a person to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. (clear and present danger doctrine makes it absolutely clear that some of our freedoms are not what?) Absolute meaning that all of the time/in any circumstance ( maintain your rights they do have limits.)
Many believe the constitution is a flexible document. What two provisions make the is flexible? Judicial review interpretation Amendment process
What would be necessary to prevent a person from having a public trail by jury? what is the act and what begins and ends this process? They would have to be another amendment made to overrule the 6th amendment.
The government must control itself is what kind of system? Checks and Balances (the brunches check them self, the all have equal power so that one branch or one person do not get to much power.)
Magna Carta and Bill of Rights say legitimate government comes from the people. What is Legitimate? Conforming to the law or to rules making legitimate; justify or make lawful; (true) government that protects the people (real)
Popular sovereignty is what? The people have the power.
The 10th Amendment, or the reserved powers clause, describes what great constitutional principle? Where the federal government and the states share power. Federalism (ex. roads, they are owned and made by the states but the government makes the rule that the sates have to follow) Also federal and sates can taxes us.
Text int he Declaration suggest that many ideas in it come from what era of Philosophers? The Enlightenment ( period of time when people developed new ideas about humans existence Also called age of reason) Rousseau, montesquieu & locke,
What three governmental actions enable the constitution adapt to changing times? Amendment process (changing amendments) Judicial review (part checks and balances) and Elastic clause (necessary and proper.
Right that cannot be infringed upon are called what kinds of rights? Unalienable,
What is infringe? Actively break the terms of (a law agreement etc.) act so as to limit or undermine something
What is the meaning of Amend? and what was the main purpose for putting the amendment processes in the constitution. To make minor chances in order to make it fairer more accurate and more up-to-date (change) to protect the rights of individuals.
What part of the unwritten constitution is part of the system of checks and balances? What supreme case did this originate from, and why is it unwritten. Judicial review, Marbury vs. Madison 1803 (Judaical Branch won) and it is unwritten because it doesn't necessarily have to be written to be done it is just part of the job.
The 14th amendment gave what two rights to the former slaves? What was the greatest result of this amendment. Citizenship and promising equal protection; Civil Rights
A government of laws, not of men means what? What additional Phrase means basically the same thing? No body is above the law, the law applies to every one equally. The Rule of law
What was on big thing that was being discussed when the constitution was being written? States must be represented in the National Gov. based on pop. The national legislature must be based on the equal representation of the states. Sates must accept the supremacy of the national gov. on all issues. The national congress need two houses
Once an amendment is added to the constitution, what is the only process to change it? Amendment process and make another.
Give an example of the unwritten constitution in action. Presidents meets with his cabenit
What is the main purpose of Major Political Parties, and how do they get money? to nominate candidates for Political office and collect money for their campaigns.They make money by individuals, and special interest Group
Republican Government means, also know as, and originated when? We elect reps to vote for us in c to direct democracy, know as; Representative democracy. Origin: Ancient Rome.
What is Interest groups? And give 3 ex. Common interest NRA- National Rifle Association AARP-American Association of retired persons, and NAACP- National Association for the Advancement of colored people.
"The Privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended unless in case of rebellion when the public safety may require it".What is Writ of Habeas Corpus? And what this statement forces us to look at a balance of what two things. Due Process of law and Individual or civil rights and Needs of our nation.
Where did the concept of "unalienable rights" Originate? What dose it mean? Cant be taking away and originated in the Enlightenment Era.
What would be examples of the presidential actions relating to the unwritten constitution. President talking with his cabinet president Campaigning for re-election. and selection of presidential candidate by a nominating election.
Why did the founding fathers stipulate that money (appropriation) bills must originate in the House of Representatives? Appropriation means money bills; answer closest to the will of the people.
No warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. Amendment 4 ( to limit the power)