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Microbio Column 3

word parts

ortho straight, direct
osis, sis condition of
pan all, universal
para beside, near
peri around
phaeo brown
phago eat
philo, phil liking, preferring
phore bears, carriers
phyll leaf
phyte plant
pil hair
plankto wandering, roaming
plast formed
pnoea, pnea breathing
pod foot
poly many
post after, behind
pre, pro before, ahead of
pseudo false
psychro cold
ptera wing
pyo pus
rhabdo stick, rod
rhin nose
rhizo root
rhodo red
rod gnaws
rubric red
rumin throat
saccharo sugar
sapr rotten
sarco flesh
schizo split
scolec worm
scope, scopic watcher
semi half
sept rotting
septo partition
serr notched
sidero iron
Created by: daisy98