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Mod. A

mod A. flashcards

cis/o to cut
suprapubic pertaining to about the pubic bone
symmetry measurment together
transfusion to pour across, transferring blood from one to another
transcrethral Pertaing to throught the uretha
ultrasonography Process of recording ultersounds
unilatral Pertaining to one side
hypodermic injection Use of needle, force liquid under skin
hypoglycemia decrease in blood sugar
insomniac pertaing to inablity to sleep
intravenous pertaining to with in the vein
-trophy nourishment
-slasis stop, contol
-rrhea flow, discharge
prosis droop,say,prolapse
-drome to run
carp/o wrist bones
cib/o meals
cost/o rib
polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
infracostal pertaining to below ribs
intercostal pertaining to between the ribs
metacarpal bones five hand bones
cutane/o skin
pnea breathing
plasm structure or fomation
-plasia development
-physis to grow
-phoria to bear, carry
-partum birth labor
-or = one who
-mission to send
-meter to measure
-lysis breakdown,separation,loosening
-lapse to side,fall,sag
cyesis pregnancy
-blast embryonic, immature
urethr/o uretha
trache/o windpipe,tachea
tox/o poison
top/o plase position,location
thyr/o thyroid gland
thel/o nipple
the/o to put, place
son/o sound
pub/o pubis
oc/o oxygen
norm/o rule,order
necto to bind,tie,connect
nat/i birth
mort/o death
morph/o shape,form
immun/o protection
glyc/o sugar
gloss/o tongue
furc/o forking,branching
dactyl/o fingers,toes
hyperplasia condition of increased formation
hyperglycemia Increase in blood sugar
hemiglossectomy removal of half the tongue
exophthalmos eyeballs that prtrude
euthyroid normal thyroid function
euphoria Good feeling "high"
epithelium skin cell
endotracheal pertaing to within the trachea
bronchoscope laparoscope
endoscope instrument to view within the body, gastroschope
endocardium , Inner lining of the heart
somn/o , sleep
seps/o , infection
ectopic pregnancy pregnancy out of the normal place
dysplasia abnormal decelopment
dyspnea difficult breathing
dialysis complete separation
diarrhea to flow through; H2O is not properly absorbed through the wall of the colon
diameter to measure through; as the diameter of a circle
dehydration condition of lack of water
contralateral Pertaining to the opposite side
contraindication to point out against
connective to tie together
congential anomaly irregualrity at birth
catabolism process
bradycardia condition of slow heart beat
bilateral forking into two, two individual tubes
autoimmune disease a condition related to making antibodies
antitoxin a substance produced in response to an capable of neutralizing a toxin
antibody protein substance made in the body to destroy foreign antigens.
antigen a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies
antibiotic pertaining to aganist life
antisepsis condition against infection
antepartum before birth
anteflecion bending forward
ante cibum before meals
anabolism process of casting up materials within cells
adrenal glands endocrine glands located above the kidneys
adductor one who leads toward the body
abductor one who leads away from body
abnormal pertaining to away from the norm
anoxia without oxygen
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