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Greek Mythology

Tartarus married.. Eros
Tartarus is.. space between earth
Eros is.. love/attraction
Eros gave birth to.. Gaea
Gaea is.. earth
Gaea married.. Uranus
Uranus is.. space
Gaea gave birth to.. (3) 12 titans, 3 cyclops, 3 hecatoncheires
What was the relationship between the hecatoncheires and Uranus? What did Uranus do? hate; shoved them back inside Gaea
2 of the titans were.. Cronus & Rhea
What did Cronus do to Uranus? He used a knife his mother (Gaea) made to cut off his dad's (Uranus) man parts.
Where did Cronus put Uranus' man parts? He threw them in the ocean
What was made after Uranus' man parts hit the ocean? Aphrodite was born
Cronus married.. Rhea
Rhea gave birth to.. the gods
Prophecy: one of Cronus' kids will overthrow him
What did Cronus do to avoid one of his children's chances of overthrowing him? ate them
Who was the only child Cronus did not eat because he was hidden? Zeus
What did Zeus do to save his siblings and kill his father (Cronus) He poisoned his father which made him throw up the other gods
Zeus disguises himself as a ___ _____ to deliver the poison to Cronus. cup bearer
Roman name for Zeus Jupiter
Roman name for Hera Juno
Roman name for Athena Minerva
Roman name for Aphrodite Venus
Roman name for Hades Pluto
Zeus married.. Hera
Zeus' favorite demigod (son) was Hercules
Hercules formed.. Milky Way by spitting out breast milk and formed white lilies from the milk that hit the earth
Greeks believed when the flowers bloomed.. Zeus and Hera were having a good time
Painting (name, author, year) The Birth of Venus; Sandro Botticelli; mid 1480s
Aphrodite, goddess of love/beauty
Athena, goddess of wisdom/battle
Hades, god of underworld
Hera, goddess of marriage/childbirth
Poseidon, god of water
Zeus, king of gods
"Who was the most beautiful" argument was between.. (3) Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite
Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite first went to ____ to settle the argument. What did ____ do? Zeus; he refused to answer
Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite then went to ____ to settle the argument. Paris
What did Hera promise Paris? Europe/Asia
What did Athena promise Paris? war machine
What did Aphrodite promise Paris and what did she do? hot mama; revealed herself
Who was the most beautiful? (not according to Paris) Helen
Helen was married to.. Menelaus, king of Sparta
All the men who wanted to have Helen before she was married had to do what? Protect the marriage
Helen then went to ___ and that is how the _____ ___ started Troy; Trojan War
Who was the king of Troy? Priam
Who was the queen of Troy? Heccuab
Who were the princes of Troy? Paris and Hector
Who was Menelaus' brother? Agamemnon
Agamemnon was a ____ and was the _____ __ ___ _____ Greek; leader of the forces
Achilles was a ____ and was a.. Greek; demigod; pride/rage
Who was a supporter of the Trojans? Aphrodite
Who was a supporter of the Greeks? Athena
Who supported both the Trojans and the Greeks? What was the feelings toward her? Helen; hate
Created by: kajones97