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AMA could stand for either... American Medical Association or Against Medical Advice
What does AHA stand for? American Hospital Association
What does ART stand for? Accredited Records Technician
The medical abbreviation for Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician is... CBET
What does CDA stand for? Certified Dental Assistant
What does CEO stand for? Chief Executive Officer
A person who, under direction of a physician, performs various routine administrative and non-technical clinical task in a hospital or clinic is a... Certified Medical Assistant, CMA
What is the name and abbreviation for a registered nurse who has advanced education in nursing and clinical experience in a specialized area of nursing practice? Certified Nurse Practitioner, CNP
What does COTA stand for? Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
What is a health care professional who performs routing care, management, and treatment of patients with respiratory disorders? Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician, CRTT
The allied health professional who prepares the operating room is... Certified Surgical Technologist, CST
Created by: rachel828