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things in your body

What is the abbreviation for the right ear? AD
What does ASA stand for? Aspirin
What hormone decreases the production of urine by increasing the reabsorption of water? Antidiuretic
The part of the nervous system that regulates involuntary body functions is... Autonomic Nervous System, ANS
The heartbeat heard with a stethoscope is called... Apical Pulse, AP
What does AS stand for? Left Ear
The abbreviation for both ears is... AU
What does "capital" AV stand for? ateriovenous, atrioventricular
What is the abbreviation for armpit? Ax
What does Bl stand for? Blood
What is the abbreviation for bowel movement? BM
What is the term and abbreviation for the amount of energy used in a unit of time by a fasting, resting subject to maintain vital function? Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR
What is the abbreviation for blood pressure? BP
What is the abbreviation for blood sugar? BS
What is the term and abbreviation for the total area exposed to the environment? Body Surface, Area, BSA
What is the abbreviation for carbohydrate? CHO
What is the waxy lipid soluble compound found only in animals that facilitates the absorption and transport of fatty acids? Cholesterol, chol
The enzyme that increases on blood levels when muscle damage has occurred is called... Creatine Phosphokinase (Cardiac Enzyme), CPK
What is the fluid that flows through and protects the four ventricles of the brain? Cerebral Spinal Fluid, CSF
Created by: rachel828