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Light Energy

Luminous Objects that emit light
Non-Luminous Objects that do not emit light (But they can reflect light)
Give an example of luminous and non-luminous objects Luminous - Sun; Non-luminous - Moon
Incadesence Process of emitting light at high temperature (ie: candle, torch, light bulb)
Phosphoresence Process of emitting light after energy has been stored for a short period of time
Example of phosphorus object Glow-in-the-dark stickers
Electric Discharge Process of emitting light by running electricity through a gas
Example of electric discharge Neon lights, lightning
Fluoresence Emitting light while receiving energy from another source - combines electric discharge with phosphoresence
Chemiluminescence Process of changing chemical energy into light energy - produces little or no heat
Example of chemiluminescence Glow sticks
Bioluminesence Light emitted from a living organism - use chemical activity to emit light
Example of bioluminescence Angler fish, fireflys, glow worms
How does a fluorescent bulb work? Electricity runs through mercury vapour. The vapour emits ultra violet light. The ultra violet light will "light up" a phosphorous film on the glass and the bulp glows.
How does an incandescent bulb work? Electricity runs through the filament causing it to heat up and glow.
What is the energy transformation for incandescent objects? Electrical energy --> Thermal energy (heat) --> Light
Umbra Dark part of a shadow
Penumbra Light part of a shadow
Shadow Area where light has been blocked by a solid object
Transparency Measure of how much light can pass through a material
Transparent Materials allow all light to pass through
Translucent Materials allow some light to pass through
Opaque Materials allow no light to pass through
Created by: Mackey2002