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FII: CH 17 Key terms

Accommodation An alteration of existing thought processes to manage more complex information
Assimilation The process of integrating new experiences into existing schemata
Cognitive Development Learning that occurs as a result of the internal organization of an event, which forms a mental schema and serves as a base for further schemata as one grows and develops
Development An orderly pattern of changes in structure, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors resulting from maturation, experiences, and learning.
Faith Fowler describes this as, it is not always religious and its content or contacts, it is a persons or groups way of moving into the force field of life. This is nor necessarily religious, but it comprises the reasons one finds life worth living
Genome All the DNA in an organism
Genomics This is the study of the structure and interactions of all the genes in the human body, including their interactions with each other as well as the environment
Growth This is an increase in body size or changes in body cell structure, function and complexity
Moral Development Influence of cultural effects on ones perceptions of justive in interpersonal relationships
Pharmacogenetics The study of how genetic variation affects a persons response to drugs
Created by: Slmallory83