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chapter 12-14

fjord a long narrow,deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes.
uplands a hill or very low mountain that may also contain mesas and high plateaus.
mesta the central plateau of sapin.
massif central the uplands of france with account for about one sixth of french lands.
peat partially decay plant matter found in bogs.
north atlantic drift a current of warm water from the tropics.
sirocco a hot,steady south wind that blows from north africa across the mediterranean sea into southern europe, mostly in spring.
mistral a cold dry wind from the north.
dike an eastern bank used to direct or prevent the passage of water.
polder land that is reclaimed from the sea or other body of water by diking and drainage.
seaworks a structure used to control the seaƛ destructive impact on human life.
terpen high earthen platforms used in seaworks.
zuider zee former inlet of the north sea in the netherlands.
ljsselmeer a freshwater lake separated from the north sea by a dike and borded by polders.
city state an autonomous political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands.
republic a government in witch citizens elect representatives to rule on their behalf.
christianity religion based on the life and teachings of jesus of nazaerth.
roman catholicism major branch of christianity centerned in rome.
eastern orthodoxy major branch of christianity also called greek orthodoxy.
crusades a series of wars launched byeuropean christians 1096 to capture the holy land.
renaissance a time of renewed interest in learning and the arts that lasted from the 14th through 16th centuries.
aqueduct a structure that carries water over long distances.
benelux the economic union of belgium ,the nertherlands,and luxembourg.
reformation a movemnent in witch in western euroupe beginnings in 1517 when many christians broke away from the catholic church and started proteststant churches.
protestant major branch of christianity witch began during the reformation with protests aginst practrices of the rome catholic churches.
berlin wall a wall erected by east germany in 1961 to cut the capital of berlin in two.
nationalism the beleif that people should be loyal to their nation.
holocaust fuedalism the nazi program of mass murder of europena jews during world warr 2
nordic countries countries of northern europens.
parliament a respresentative lawmaking body whose members are elected or appointed.
euro a common currency proposed by the european union.
silicon glen the section between scottland glosgo and edinburg.
cultural crossroads a place were many cultures cross paths.
balkanization the process of breaking up a region into small units.
satellite nation a nation dominated by another nation.
market economy a type of economic system in which production of goods and services is determined.
folk art a handmade item.
anti semisism discrimination against jewish people.
slobodan milosevic siberian leader
south slavs a person who migrated from poldand or russia and settled in the balkan peninsula around.
ethnic cleansing the policy of trying to eliminate an ethnic group.
KLA a group that fought against serbian attempts to control the region of kosovo in the 1990s.
vojislav kostunica a reform leader.
cyanide a deadly poison.
european envirolmental agency an agency that provides the eroupean union with relaible infromation about the enviroment.
particulates a very small perticale of liquid or solid matter.
smog a brown haze that occurs when gases release by burning of fossilfuels.
ozone a chedmical created when burning fossil fuels react with sunlight.
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