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Magistra Ebert

Latin Verb Infinitives Review

to see videre
to prepare parare
to want velle
to be able posse
to run currere
to sleep dormire
to teach docere
to lead ducere
to give dare
to care for curare
to rise surgere
to approach appropinquare
to ascend ascendere
to descend descendere
to guard custodire
to be esse
to sing cantare
to call appellare
to catch capere
to bring ferre
to buy emere
to notice conspicere
to order iubere
to save servare
to send mittere
to go ire
to cross transire
to call vocare
to besiege obsidere
to stand stare
to fall cadere
to depart discedere
to move toward admovere
to have habere
to live habitare
to tell narrare
to kill necare
to mutter mussare
to smell olfacere
to show monstrare
to move movere
to stay manere
to wash lavare
to read legere
to play ludere
to praise laudare
to do facere
Created by: ebert.irina