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Have you ever thought that twenty-four hours isn't enough to do all you have to do? Vi koga libo dumali chto 24 chasa ne dostatochno, chtobi sdelat vse, chto vi dolzni sdelat.
All of us have so many duties and obligations! Vse mi imeem ochen mnogo obyazannostej i obyazatelstv.
In addition to the daily routine at offices, schools, hospitals, etc., we have always got some housework to do and shopping, we have to cook the meals, keep the house clean and (last but not least) see to the children. V dopolnenie k rasporydku dnya v ofisax, wkolax, bolnicax i td., mi vsegda imeem sdelat nekotoruyu rabotu po domu i posewenie magazina, mi dolzni gotovit piwu, derzat dom chistim i (poslednee no ne v posledniyu ochered) cmotret detei.
It's really surprising how much work some people manage to do, and quikly at that! Deistvitelno udivitelno, skolko raboti mogut sdelat nekotorie ludi, i bistro eto.
But it often happens that we don't have enough time to do everything, and put it off till "some other time". No eto chasto sluchaetsa, chto mi ne imeem dostatochnogo kol-va vremeni, chtobi sdelat vse, i otkladivaem eto na "nekotoroe vremya".
What do you think is the reason? To, chto ti delaew, dumaew - prichina?
Why do some people manage and not others? Pochemu odni ludi spravlayutsa, a drugie net?
A lot depends on how you plan your daily round. Mnogoe zavisit, kak vi planiruete vaw rasporyadok dnya.
If you plan your day carefully, you'll be able to do more, and it'll take you less time. Esli vi budete planirovat vaw den twatelno,to vi budete v sostoyanii sdelat bolwe, i budet trebovatsa menwe vremeni.
If you ask someone to see you at a definite hour, for instance, the other person will also plan his time accordingly. Esli vi poprosite chtobi kto-to videl vas v opredelennij chas, naprimer, to drugoi chelovek budet takze planirovat ego vremya sootvetstvenno.
If you now how long you can keep your visitor, you will try not to waste his time and have everything ready to the talk when he comes. Esli vi budete znat, kak dolgo vi mozete derzat vawego posetitlya, to vi budete probovat ne potratit v pustuyu ego vremya i imet vse gotovoe k razgovoru, kogda on pridet.
Your visitor, in his turn, will not keep your longer than necessary and will leave as soon as you've discussed your problem. Vaw posetitel, v svoyu ocherd, ne budet derzat vas dolwe chem neobxodimo i uedet, kak tolko vi obsudili vawu problemu.
It doesn't mean that you will interrupt the talk before you finish the discussion. Eto ne oznachaet, chto vi prervete razgovor prezde, chem vi zakochite obsuzdenie.
No, you'll go on discussing the matter until you settle every point. Net, vi prodolzite obsuzdat vopros, poka vi ne uladite kazdij punkt.
But the time limit you set yourself will help you not to waste time and to keep to the point. No srok, kotorij vi ustanavlivaete samostoyatelno, pomozet vam ne naprasno tratit vremya i ne otklonyatsa ot suti.
Planning the day is especially necessary for people who want to make time for important things. Planirovanie dnya osobenno neobxodimo dlya ludei, kotorie xotyat sdelat vremya dla vaznix vewei.
Many outstanding people say that a daily timetable has helped them greatly to achieve what they have. Mnogo vidayuwixsa ludei govoryat, chto ezednevnoe raspisanie ochen im pomoglo dostigat togo, chto oni imeyut.
There are some people, however, who will say that a strict timetable makes life dull and uninteresting. What do you think? Est nekotorie ludi, odnako, kotorie skazut, strogoe raspisanie delayut zizn uniloi i neinteresnoi.
Created by: Bodrij



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