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The Giver vocab: unit 2

Distraught anxiously worried I was distraught waiting for my letter of acceptance from Bishop McDevitt High School.
Disposition a person's usual mood or attitude Blaze’s disposition is alert and happy, but lately he has been falling asleep in class.
Transgression the act or an instance of transgressing
Fret to feel troubled or uneasy I fret on Wednesdays when I’m overwhelmed by school, delivering the newspaper, and volleyball practice.
Chastisement to punish, often corporally. Donald Trump chastises the other presidential candidates for bad decisions they have made, even though he is no saint himself.
Petulantly showing or inclined to show sudden or unreasonable irritation, impatience, or ill temper The petulant man always became enraged when he was handed his paycheck that he thought was less than he deserved.
Droning to make a low, steady hum. The speaker gave a droning speech about books, that did not make me feel enthused about reading.
Tunic an article of clothing that is loose and hangs to the knees Muslim woman wear tunics to cover their bodies.
Tabulated to arrange or organize systematically, esp. in the form of a table Accountants tabulate numbers into spreadsheets all day.
Palpable easy to sense or perceive My feelings were palpable because I was nervous during my SLA interview.I was stuttering and my words were shaking.
Created by: VK Vocab