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Geography Vocabulary

Monsoons- Tasmanian Devil Strong seasonal winds that cause flooding or drought.
Asia Brown Cloud A massive cloud of air pollution from China to India.
Desert Kills no water- no farming - no food- hot dry climate
Ocean Chills Oceans- transportation, fishing, warm climate
River Fills (agriculture) farming- food- cities- transportation- warm climate
Mountains hill protects from invaders, but no farming- no water- cool climate
Irrigation- sprinklers bringing water to an area that doesn't have it.
Causes of Water Pollution- Industrial (factories) and human waste
Effects of Water Pollution Sickness, loss of work/jobs, marine and human death
Causes of Flooding- Tasmanian Devil/Woverine/Skull Monsoons, deforestation and erosion (decay) from cut down trees
Effects of Flooding Unsafe drinking water, water borne disease, loss of homes, death
Causes of Air Pollution/Asia Brown Cloud- Lightning Mqueen burning fossil fuels and wood from trees
Effects of Air Pollution/Asia Brown Cloud Blocks sunlight. Acid rain. Melting glaciers. Eroded buildings, Respiratory diseases like lung cancer, and death.
Arable land farmable land
Mudslides a mass of mud and other earthy material that is falling or has fallen down a hillside or other slope.
Desertification land becoming more like a desert due to overgrazing, increased population, drought
Deforestation Cutting down of trees to make room for roads and cities, people, use wood for making things.
Water Pollution Contaminated or dirty water on the Ganges and Yangtze Rivers
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