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Timpiste SFC

stór focail a bhaineann le timpistí

car carr
bus bus
road bóthar
roads bóithre
weather aimsir
slippery sleamhnach
ice leac oighir
snow sneachta
driving ag tiomáint
slowly go mall
fast go tapaidh
wet fliuch
morning maidin
evening tráthnóna
travelling ag taisteal
motorbike gluaisrothair
to slip sleamhnaigh
accident timpiste
to skid sciorr
to hit thit/ buail
ambulance otharcharr
to call glaoigh
stretcher sínteán
accident and emergency timpiste agus éigeandáil
the hospital an t-ospidéal
broken briste
to break bris
to hurt gortaigh
arm lámh
leg cos
the guards na gardaí
fear/scared eagla
to scream scread
crying ag caoineadh
fire tine
explosion pléascadh
traffic lights na soilse tráchta
raining ag cur báistí
lashing rain ag stealladh báistí
traffic trácht
a lot a lán
mobile phone fón póca
to stop stop
siren bonnán
fire brigade an briogáid dóiteáin
on the way ar an mbealach
noise torann
loud ard
rescue services seirbhisí tarrthála
Its well I remember Is maith is cuimhin liom
I called Chuir mé fios ar
emergency services na seirbhisí éigeandála
thunder and lightning toirneach agus tintreach
in the blink of an eye i bpreabadh na súl
unconscious gan aithne gan ulrabhra
fire dóiteán
flames lasracha
glass gloine
everywhere timpeall na háite/i ngach áit
scared out of my wits sceimhlithe i mo bheatha
if I had known dá mbeadh a fhios agam
what would happen cad a tharlódh
I would have stayed in bed d'fhanfainn sa leaba
appearance cuma
I couldn't believe my eyes Níor chreid mé mo shúile
I nearly fainted Ba bheag nár thit mé i laige
My eyes nearly fell out of my head Ba bheag nár thit mo shúile as mo cheann
I will never forget Ní dhéanfaidh mé dearmad ar
Created by: Ms O' C



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