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CNA 2016 Ch. 5*

Assisting with the Nursing Process

A written guide about the care a person should receive is the Comprehensive care plan
The method nurses use to plan and deliver nursing care is the nursing process
Collecting information about a person is assessment
______________ is measure is taken by the nursing team. It helps a person reach a goal. nursing intervention
You make many observations when giving care. You should use your senses to collect information about a person
The nursing process focuses on the person's nursing needs
____________________ is the first step of the nursing process. assessment
If the nursing process is used correctly nursing care is organized and has purpose
Nursing diagnoses and medical diagnoses are the same. False
Information that you can see, hear, feel, or smell is objective data
Fever is a sign
Yellow urine is a sign
Itching is a symptom
Tingling is a symptom
Symptoms are __________ data. subjective
With every resident contact____________________is collected new informaiton
The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is required by OBRA
The MDS is an assessment and screening tool
The planning step of the nursing process involves setting goals and priorities
A nursing intervention is a nursing action or a nursing measure
The comprehensive care plan contains goals for care
The comprehensive care plan may be part of the Kardex. True
Heart attack is not a nursing diagnosis. True
Care is given during the _______________ step of the nursing process. implementation
Goals are aimed at the person’s highest level of well-being and function. True
__________ step in the nursing process involves measuring if the goals set were met. evaluation
The nursing process changes as the person’s needs change. true
The nurse communicates delegated tasks to you by using an assignment sheet
The resident has the right to take part in his or her care planning. true
The nursing process is on-going. It never ends. True
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