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Genki I Lesson 5

Genki I Lesson 5 Vocab

うみ sea
きって postal stamps
きっぷ ticket
サーフィン surfing
しゅくだい homework
たべもの food
たんじょうび birthday
テスト test
天気(てんき) weather
のみもの drink
はがき postcard
バス bus
ひこうき airplane
へや room
ぼく I (used by men)
やすみ holiday; day off; absence
りょこう travel
あたらしい new
あつい hot (weather / thing)
いそがしい busy (people / days)
おおきい large
おもしろい interesting; funny
かっこいい good-looking
こわい frightening
さむい cold (weather - not used for things)
たのしい fun
ちいさい small
つまらない boring
ふるい old (thing - not used for people)
むずかしい difficult
やさしい easy (problem); kind (person)
やすい inexpensive; cheap (thing)
きらい(な) disgusted with; to dislike (~が)
きれい(な) beautiful; clean
元気(な)(げんき) healthy; energetic
しずか(な) quiet
すき(な) fond of; to like (~が)
だいきらい(な) to hate (~が)
だいすき(な) very fond of; to love (~が)
にぎやか(な) lively
ひま(な) not busy; to have a lot of free time
およぐ to swim
きく to ask (person に)
のる to ride; to board (~に)
やる to do; to perform (~を)
でかける to go out
いっしょに together
すごく extremely
それから and then
だいじょうぶ It's okay.; Not to worry.; Everything is under control.
とても very
どんな what kind of...
~まい [counter for flat objects]
~まで to (a place); as far as (a place); till (a time)
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