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CNA 2016 Ch. 2*

Residients Rights, Ethics, and Laws

__________ requires nursing assistant training and competency evaluation. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987
Courteous and dignified resident care includes what? making sure that the person is neat and clean
Henry Parks is a nursing center resident. How do you address him? Mr. Parks
Before entering a person’s room, you should Knock on the door and wait to be asked in
You are going to give a resident a bath. _____________ will protect the person’s privacy. closing the privacy curtain
A long-term care ombudsman Promotes the resident's needs and interests
An ombudsman does what? investigates resident complaints
You are responsible for protecting the resident’s rights. True
The resident can visit with family and friends in private. True
A resident wants a bath in the evening, not in the morning. The person has the right to make this choice. True
You are straightening a resident’s room. You find scraps of paper and envelopes on the person’s dresser. You can throw these items in the trash. False
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 is a________________law. federal
Protecting the right to privacy involves what? exposing only the body part involved in the treatment procedure
An example of a resident’s right is the right to information. true
The willful infliction or harm of another person is abuse
Touching a person without that person’s consent is battery
Threatening to touch a person’s body without that person’s consent is assault
Knowledge of right conduct and wrong conduct is ethics
You give wrong information on a job application. This is fraud
Negligence by a professional person is malpractice
While performing a task, a nursing assistant harmed a person. Harm can occur from what a person does or fails to do. true
Job descriptions are considered to be a source for standards of care True
A resident asks you to make out a will. What should you do? refuse, explain why. Then tell the nurse about the person's request
The resident has the right to decide who can touch his or her body. True
A nursing assistant pinches and pushes a resident. This is physical abuse
A resident’s signal light goes unanswered. The person’s son finds him lying on sheets soaked with urine. This is neglect
A resident did not get to the bathroom in time. She urinated and had a bowel movement in her clothing. To prevent an accident in the dining room, the nurse makes the resident stay in her room. This is involuntary seclusion
You see a nursing assistant hitting a resident. What should you do? tell the nurse
You are walking by a resident room. You hear a nurse criticizing a resident. This is verbal abuse
You suspect that a resident is being abused. What should you do? tell the nurse
In domestic abuse, the abuser is a partner
In domestic abuse the abuser has power and control over the victim. True
Created by: heatherhibbs