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CNA 2016 Ch. 1*

The Nursing Assistant Working in Long Term Care

Not relying on or requiring care from others is independance
An acute illness is a(n) sudden illness from which a person should recover
An on-going illness that is slow or gradual in onset and for which there is no known cure is a(n) _____ illness. chronic
A nursing task is care or a function that can be delegated to nursing assistants
The duty or obligation to perform some act or function is known as responsibility
Persons living in long-term care centers are called residents
Persons receiving care on assisted living units are called tenants
____________ is responsible for the entire nursing staff in a nursing center organization. director of nursing
An assisted living facility provides two-three meals a day and housekeeping and laundry services.
_______________give basic nursing care under the supervision of a licensed nurse. nursing assistant
By law, nursing centers must have a medical director, known as which member of the healthcare team? doctor
______________assess, make nursing diagnoses, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care. RNs
You are part of the health team and nursing team
LPNs/LVNs are supervised by licensed Physicians, dentists, and RN
_______________is responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries. physician
_______________assesses and plans for the nutritional needs of residents dietitian
_______________helps residents and families with social, emotional, and environmental issues affecting illness and recovery. social worker
A hospice is a health care agency or program for persons who are terminally ill
A federal health insurance program for persons 65 years of age and older, or for younger people with certain disabilities is medicare
Medicaid is a health care payment program sponsored by the federal government and operated by the states
The overall goal of the interdisciplinary health team is to provide quality resident care
A nursing center must have __________________________to operate and provide care. a license
Accreditation for nursing centers is voluntary process that signals quality and excellence
Surveys are done to see if the center meets set standards. Your role in the survey process involves what? follow center policies and procedures, having good work ethics
_______________could act as the case manager in the long-term care setting. registered nurse
Case managers are allowed to communicate with insurance companies. true
_______________ protects the public from persons practicing nursing without a license. A state nurse practice act
_______________hours of instruction for nursing assistant training does OBRA require. at least 75
OBRA requires ______________________for nursing assistants working in nursing centers. training and competency evaluation
The competency evaluation required by OBRA involves a written test and a skills test
How many testing attempts does OBRA allow? at least 3
The nursing assistant registry includes information about findings of abuse, neglect, or dishonest use of property
OBRA requires retraining and/or a new competency evaluation for who? have not worked as a nursing assistant for 24 months
As a nursing assistant, you can report changes in the person's condition to the nurse.
A nurse asks you to perform a task that is beyond the legal limits of your role. You should politely refuse and explain why
______________________________indicates what your employer expects you to do. job description
A nurse can delegate tasks
Which nursing team members cannot delegate? nursing assistants
Before a nurse delegates a task to you, the nurse must know what? what tasks your state allows nursing assistants to perform.
Certification of the nursing assistant is maintained at the ________ level. state
The duty or obligation to perform some act or function is responsibility
Does a nurse have to delegate a task to you? no, the nurse makes delegation decisions that are best for you and the person.
The Five Rights of Delegation involve the Right task, circumstances, person, directions, communication, and the right supervision.
A nurse asks you to do a urinary catheterization. This involves sterile technique and inserting a tube into the person’s bladder. The nurse gives you very clear instructions. What should you do? refuse the task. It is beyond the legal limits of your role.
You can refuse to do a delegated task if the task is not in your job description.
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