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bioilogy unit 3 life on earth

what are biomes a biome is a region of the earth which has same climate of fauna and flora
name 2 factors that can influence the distribution of biomes temperature and rainfall
what are ecosystems made up of habitat and a community
what is an ecosystem ecosystems are an are where animals live
is inter dependence depending on something for more or less help less help
what do animals and micro organisms depend on plants for a source of oxygen
what do plants and animals depend on micro organisms for recycling minerals
what do plants depend on animals for seed dispersal
name the 3 factors which affect biodiversity biotic , abiotic and human
what is a biotic factor a living factor which affects biodiversity
name 3 biotic factors grazing , disease , food , habitat
what is an abiotic factor a non living factor which affects biodiversity
name 2 abiotic factors pH , light intensity , temperature
name a way in which humans make less biodiversity pollution , burning fossil fuels , deforestation
how do u measure pH by using a pH meter
how do u make the experiment more reliable when using a pH meter wipe probe between reading for better results
what is a niche a niche Is the role an organism plays within a community
name the 3 interaction between organism's in a community predation , competition , parasitism
when dose competition occur when resources run out
what will plants growing in the same habitat compete for sun light , water , space , food
name the 2 types of competition interspecific and intraspecific
which one is worse intraspecific or interspecific intraspecific
what happens when 2 different organisms occupy the same ecological niche one wins and one dies the one that dies may be threatened with extension
what is parasitism when there is a relationship between 2 species where one benefits at expense with out killing it
what is a producer a green plant which can make its own food by photosynthesis
what is a consumer consumers are organisms that eat other organisms for a source of energy
what do herbivores eat they only eat plants
what do omnivores eat plants and animals
give a example of a omnivore bird
give a example of a herbivore rabbit
name the technique which is used to sample plants quadrat
name a technique which is used to sample insects pit fall trap
name a limitation for a pit fall trap organisms might eat each other
name a limitation for using a quadrat slow
describe the human population in the past 2000 years rapidly increasing
what vital services do ecosystems provide food , raw materials , medical resources , water
what does endangered mean a species which is threatened with extension
name a endangered specie panda , polar bear , tiger
what do arrows in the food chain show direction of energy flow
in every level of the food chain how much energy gets passed on 10%
what is a ecological pyramid they are diagrammatic pictures of a food chain
what is a diagram of bio mass a diagram showing the mass of each organism at each successful level in a food chain
what is a diagram of energy it is a diagrammatic representation of food chains energy at each successful levelling the food chain
what is a mutation a mutation is a change of structure or number of chromosomes in the body
what is a mutagenic agent is what increases the rate of a mutation
name 2 mutagenic agent gamma , x rays , UV lights
what is natural selection it is that the best adapted survive to there surroundings and produce fertile offspring's
what is a specie they are organisms which are able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring
what is speciation speciation is a process which allows new species to develop
what does nitrifying bacteria do take ammonium into the soil
what does de nitrifying bacteria do takes bacteria from the soil and turns it into nitrogen gas
what do decomposers do decompose dead plants or animal
what does free fixing bacteria do takes nitrogen gas from the air and puts them in the soil
name a way in which farmers try to achieve a faster yield by intensive farming
what is intensive farming it is a method which makes farmers produce more food from the same land
what do fertilisers do they make the plants grow better and become stronger
name the 3 main fertilisers nitrogen , potassium , phosphors
what is nitrogen used for the growth of green leaves
what is phosphors used for the growth of roots
what is potassium used for to make fruits and flowers grow faster
what happens if fertilisers leak into a lake or river algae bloom happens
what are pesticides used for killing pests such as lady birds
what are GM crops genitivally modified crops
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